Paramore’s Hayley Williams responds to Josh Farro’s blog

Remaining members say the experience has been 'a drag'

Paramore have responded to ex-member Josh Farro‘s blog post, in which he described how he and his brother Zac felt forced out of the band.

In an interview with MTV News, the remaining members spoke about their reaction to guitarist Josh‘s lengthy and angrily written post, describing the experience as “a drag”.

Singer Hayley Williams said the reason the band felt compelled to respond was to put an end to rumours that the Farro brothers’ departure would bring about the end of Paramore.

“There’s been a lot of things said online and it sucks to know that responding online isn’t really going to help,” she said. “We really wanted the opportunity to show our fans that we’re OK. The three of us are still here, we’re not going anywhere… this is our way of showing that there’s a future and we’re stoked for it.”

Williams said that the band had been hurt by the blog post as they felt as if they’d “been led on” by the Farro brothers, adding: “It hurts, because what we were told was that they weren’t happy, they didn’t want to do this. But then when it really became about all these other things, I was very surprised and kind of felt led on. We’ve been doing this for six, seven years now. I don’t think any of this has been in vain, for any of us… and I don’t think anyone should discredit it.”

Guitarist Taylor York said he was not surprised Farro has published his blog. “Once we released our statement, we all knew they would probably release something,” he said. “So I think we were all kind of bracing ourselves. Break-ups are hard and it was really hard to read, just because it seemed like a lot of the stuff was pretty irrelevant to what happened.”

Paramore have announced that Justin York and Josh Freese will replace the Farro brothers for their forthcoming South American tour.