Josh Farro denies saying he ‘doesn’t miss’ being in Paramore

Guitarist claims he was misquoted as he opens up about new band

Former Paramore guitarist Josh Farro has denied saying he doesn’t miss being in the band.

The guitarist is now in Novel American, which also features his brother Zac, the pair having left the pop-punk titans last December.

Now, in a new interview with Kerrang!, Farro is quoted as saying: “I don’t miss it [Paramore] one bit.”

However, he tweeted yesterday from “The words ‘I don’t miss Paramore one bit’ NEVER came out of my mouth.”

Kerrang! tweeted in response: “We’ve got the interview on tape. If you’d like to hear it back we can post it online”, to which Farro responding by tweeting: “Psalm 9.”

Psalm 9 is a biblical passage which deals with righteousness.

Farro also confirmed that he plans to record a five-track EP with Novel American soon.