Paramore announce new album release date and tracklisting

Hayley Williams and co return this September

Paramore have announced details of their forthcoming third album.

The record, called ‘brand new eyes’ – the lack of capital letters intentional – is released on September 28.

Tracks include new single ‘Ignorance’, which is released on September 14, and ‘Twilight’ soundtrack song ‘Decode’ (though that track isn’t included on the US version of the album).

“I watch all these bands go from being really hungry on their first album to talking about paparazzi following them around on their next one. I was so afraid of sounding like that,” explained frontwoman Hayley Williams on her approach to the album.

Guitarist Josh Farro added that the album sees the band moving in a more grown-up direction.

He said: “Hayley hates the word ‘mature’, but I think it’s really suitable for this record, because there’s much growth that’s evident on this album.”

The tracklisting for ‘brand new eyes’ is:

‘Playing God’
‘Brick By Boring Brick’
‘Turn It Off’
‘The Only Exception’
‘Feeling Sorry’
‘Looking Up’
‘Where The Lines Overlap’
‘Misguided Ghosts’
‘All I Wanted’
‘Decode’ (not on US version)