Paramore start work on new album

Hayley Williams says she's 'proud' of her band

Paramore‘s Hayley Williams has spoken about the band’s progress in writing their new album.

Williams said that the record is currently “in the earliest stage possible”, adding that the Tennessee four-piece are hoping to record the album in their home state.

“It’s time to be home, and play music at home,” she told Rolling Stone. “I think we’re really going to gain a lot from that.”

The frontwoman admitted that Paramore were in no hurry to write songs for the album, which is their first since 2007’s ‘Riot!’. She said: “We’re definitely not going to rush anything or force songs out.”

Referring to Paramore’s well-publicised personal troubles of the past year, Williams revealed that she was pleased that the band had successfully worked out their differences.

She admitted: “There are moments I didn’t know what was going to happen, and I’m just proud of where we are now.”

She added that she has “a lot to say this time round”, with regards to the forthcoming record.