Hayley Williams says she has ‘no idea what is next for Paramore’

The singer is launching her own hair dye company and hosting an internet beauty show

Paramore singer Hayley Williams has cast doubt on the immediate future of the pop-punk band, stating that she has “no idea what is next” for the group.

Writing on Paramore’s official website, Williams reflected on the two years that have passed since 2013’s self-titled LP, as well as the decade that has followed since their debut ‘All We Know Is Falling’, which came out in 2005.

“At one point, I thought I could never do better than [‘All We Know Is Falling’]… and then the guys and I went on to write three other ones that made me more and more proud with each one,” Williams wrote. “That’s the feeling that keeps me hopeful and inspired.”

However, Williams also stated that the band’s future isn’t set in stone. She continued: “Even though it’s a little bit sad to have to leave some parts of your life behind you, it’s crucial. There’s more to do. You’re needed in the future, where a newer, stronger version of you is waiting. Ugh, I have no idea what is next for Paramore but I can’t wait to find out.”

The singer went on to say that she’ll instead shift her focus to non-musical projects, as she prepares to launch her own hair dye company and host an internet beauty show called ‘Kiss-Off’.

Williams said of the show: “The show is NOT a show about “how to get pretty” or “this is how you should look!”. It’s really about encouraging people, especially young people, that perfection is not what makes beauty. Getting to know yourself through your inspirations, painting your personality across your face, and enjoying the process of self-expression… that’s what is beautiful.”

Meanwhile, Williams concluded the blog post by suggesting that she’s currently “wedding planning”, alluding to her recent engagement to New Found Glory’s Chad Gilbert. The pair announced that they had got engaged on Christmas Day 2014.

Messages of congratulations started flooding as soon as Williams and Gilbert had made the announcement, with Taylor Swift and Katy Perry among those sending their best wishes.

Paramore’s fourth album ‘Paramore’ was released in April 2013.