Paramore to record vampire film soundtrack?

Emo-rockers discuss rumours they're getting involved with the flick

Paramore have revealed they are recording songs for the soundtrack of forthcoming film ‘Twilight’.

Writing on her blog, singer Hayley Williams said that the band were having a ‘possible shot’ at the soundtrack at a studio in their hometown of Nashville.

The film is an adaptation of a Stephanie Meyer-penned vampire novel.

“We are back home. Recording again for a possible shot at the ‘Twilight’ soundtrack. The rumours are a little less than true but a little more than a lie,” she wrote.

The singer also revealed the band were pleased to be working on tracks for their forthcoming new album at home.

“It’s crazy to me that we’ve never actually recorded anything but demos in our hometown. It’s nice to ‘work’ from home, if you can even consider this work,” she added.

Paramore guitarist Josh Farro told Billboard last month that the band has “anywhere from seven to 10 songs” written for the album, the follow up to 2007’s ‘Riot!’.