Paramore guitarist quits

Hunter Lamb leaves during new album sessions

Paramore guitarist Hunter Lamb has quit the band.

The group are currently working on ‘Riot!’, the follow up to 2005’s ’All We Know Is Falling’, in New Jersey with producer David Bendeth.

Posting on their Livejournal the band stated: “We have parted ways with our friend and guitarist for the past year Hunter Lamb.


“We wish Hunter the best in all that he does next and in his engagement and and marriage. It was a blessing getting to know him on the road and we were lucky to have him the band with us.

“Obviously we’ve been through more than a couple member changes and we are sure it’s probably frustrating and confusing to your guys and we aren’t really sure what more to say. Sometimes, things just don’t work out the way you thought they would. Right now, we feel really great as a four-piece band.”

The band admitted that since Lamb’s departure they had thought about quitting.

“At some points, we had not clue how we would all come through or if we’d even make it far enough to record the album,” they wrote.

In the post, the band apologised for cancelling their support spot on the New Found Glory tour and an appearence at Japanese Punk Springfest.

A June release date for the album has been announced.