Paramore announce new album release date

Record gets a summer release

Paramore have attempted to clear up speculation about the release of their new album, following a series of online rumours.

The band are currently recording the follow up 2005’s ’All We Know Is Falling’ in New Jersey, and expect to have the new album finished and mastered by the beginning of April.

The album is being produced by David Bendeth who has worked with Hawthorn Heights and Ima Robot.

Although no definitive release date has been announced, several possible days have been rumoured on various websites.

However a spokesperson for the band has told NME.COM that nothing is confirmed yet, although Paramore are considering two possible dates, June 11 or 25 (with a US release the the following day depending on which day is decided upon).

Meanwhile, the band are then expected to hit the road, touring Japan and Australia at the end of March, before returning to the US for April and May dates.

A UK tour for May and June is expected to be announced soon.