Ex-Paramore drummer Zac Farro: ‘Novel American are still looking for a new singer’

The sticksman also says he hopes people will think of his new outfit in the same way as Radiohead

Former Paramore drummer Zac Farro has spoken about Novel American, his new band with his brother Josh Farro.

The pair, who left Paramore in December of 2010, have been working on their new project for the last year, but yet to find a frontman for their new band.

Speaking exclusively to NME, Zac Farro revealed that the band were still searching for their new frontman and had been auditioning extensively.


Asked how Novel American was progressing and if they’d found a singer, Farro replied: “We’re still looking for our singer. We’ve been progressing, but we’ve not found our singer yet. We’ve been through a bunch of tryouts, some of them have been good and some of them have been bad. We just have this very specific singer in mind. It’s not that people haven’t been good, we have just something so specific that we want and it needs to fit absolutely. We’re still figuring out what we want to sound like.”

Then asked to described Novel American, Farro said it was “a lot more diverse” than Paramore and that the band would be releasing new material as soon as they’d picked a frontman.

He added: “We came from one genre of music. I mean since I was 13 and Josh was 15, so I think we don’t want to stray from that entirely. But we’ve grown up into a lot of different styles and become a lot more diverse in our sound. We’ve got some prospects there and the writing’s going really well. As soon as find our singer, we’re going to be going hard at it.”

Farro also spoke about his feelings about re-emerging into the media spotlight and said that he hoped people would think of his new band in the same way as they did when Radiohead‘s Thom Yorke launched his solo career.

He said of this: “To step away from Paramore was such a huge challenge and to re-emerge again left me feeling really anxious. But I’ve decided to not worry about that. I think the people that follow me and follow my brother will go with us on whatever path we take. I expect people to be surprised by what it sounds like, but I hope they listen and judge it on its own merits.”

He continued: “Say if Thom Yorke left Radiohead and did something as a solo rap thing, I’d still follow him because I love Thom Yorke. So if you love Paramore then I hope you’ll like Novel American and HalfNoise.”


Zac Farro releases his debut EP as HalfNoise on Monday (October 1). The EP simply titled ‘HalfNoise EP’ and contains a total of five tracks. You can hear the second track from the EP, which is titled ‘Sunsee’, at the bottom of the page. For more information about the EP, visit Xtramilerecordings.com.

The tracklisting for ‘HalfNoise EP’ is as follows:

‘Remember When’
‘Hide Your Eyes’
‘Free The House’