Ex-Paramore drummer Zac Farro introduces his new band HalfNoise

You can hear the first track from the project's debut EP now

Former Paramore drummer Zac Farro is set to release his debut EP as HalfNoise a week today (October 1).

The EP simply titled ‘HalfNoise EP’ and contains a total of five tracks. It is Farro’s first release since he and brother Josh left Paramore in December of 2010.

Speaking to NME about the record, Farro revealed he actually completed work on the record over a year ago and can’t wait for people to hear it.

He said: “As soon as it was done, I was ready for it to come out. I always want people to hear it as soon as it’s ready, so to have to wait a year has been quite a challenge.”

Farro also said he believed that the project, which is strongly influenced by Sigur Ros and Radiohead, had “pushed him to the limit” and he expected that the sound would “shock people”.

He added: “Ever since I was 17, I’ve worked on this, even when I was still in Paramore, I’d sit and work on these kind of songs. HalfNoise is an art project and it’s pushed me to my limit. I think people will be a bit shocked when they hear it that it’s the drummer in Paramore, but I hope to surprise people and open myself up to a whole new audience.

Farro also revealed that he is the sole member of HalfNoise after previous member Jason Clarke departed the project earlier this year. He did say that Clarke, along with producer Daniel James, had been crucial in the creation of the project.

He said of this: “Everytime I was home from Paramore’s tours, me and Jason would write together. We share the same tastes and we were both really excited to try something new. But he has his own life and he’s got his own band called Machines Are People Too who are this Europop, party band. He was a really crucial part of the writing of the EP, but he’s not in the band now. We’re going to keep writing together, but he lives in a different part of Tennessee from me now, so he’s not a member anymore.”

Farro then spoke about the process of putting together the EP, revealing that he’d played almost all the instruments.

He added: “I played all the drums, I did all the sampling. Me and a producer called Daniel James did the guitars together, but it was mainly just me performing. There are trumpet, French horn and glockenspiel samples too. I write in the mind of a film score, that’s really the dream, what I’d like to be doing soon.”

You can hear the first track from the EP, which is titled ‘Remember When’, at the bottom of the page. For more information about the EP, visit Xtramilerecordings.com.

The tracklisting for ‘HalfNoise EP’ is as follows:

‘Remember When’
‘Hide Your Eyes’
‘Free The House’