Hayley Williams: ‘I was sure Taylor York was going to quit Paramore last year’

But singer reveals heart-to-heart ensured guitarist stayed in the band

Paramore singer Hayley Williams has revealed that she was sure that the band’s guitarist Taylor York would quit the group when Josh and Zac Farro also announced that they were leaving.

The Farro brothers left the band in December 2010 and have since formed new outfit Novel American, with Paramore remaining as a three piece with Williams, York and bassist Jeremy Davis and a series of touring musicians for their live shows.

However Williams, who was heavily criticised by Josh Farro via a lengthy internet blog after he left the band, said that she felt sure that Taylor York [pictured right] would also go when the Farro brothers left and was surprised when he told her he wanted to stay in the band.

She told Alternative Press: “When Josh and Zac were leaving, me and Taylor weren’t close at all at that point. Me and Jeremy were always pretty tight through the last few years. But I was pretty sure that it was just going to be me and Jeremy. I was really scared Taylor was going to leave too.”

Williams then said that she and York had a heart to heart and he convinced her that he was going to stay in the band.

She said: “Me and Taylor went to a show in Nashville and after we went out to eat and he was like ‘You know I’m not ready to go anywhere. I still have more to do in Paramore‘. And after I just got in my car and cried and then wiped the tears away and thought ‘Okay we’re going to be all right’.”

Paramore are set to begin work on their fourth studio album in early 2012. They recently released three singles ‘Renegade’, ‘Hello Cold World’ and ‘In The Mourning’.