Ex-Paramore man Josh Farro’s voice ‘not good enough’ for Novel American

Band still searching for a singer following departure of Van Beasley

Josh Farro and Zac Farro are looking for a new singer for their post-Paramore band Novel American.

The band had already parted ways with singer Van Beasley earlier this month midway through recording new material and have now said they are looking for a replacement. In an update from Twitter.com/novelamerican, Josh stated in the third person of his abilities: “Guys, Josh‘s voice is not good enough for Novel American. Therefore we are searching for someone else. Sorry for the delay.”

They had previously posted on Facebook.com/novelamericanmusic: “Over these past few months, Novel American has gone through many changes as we’ve slowly come to define what exactly it is we want to be. As a result of this, Novel American and Van Beasley have gone separate ways. We know this may be disappointing to hear for everyone who is ready for some songs to be released, but we are absolutely certain that this process will result in Novel American being the absolute best it can be. The future looks very exciting!”

The group are currently writing in Florida for their debut album. In April the brothers previewed some ideas for Novel American songs online.