Paramore to release three new singles over the next three months – audio

You can also hear the band's new single 'Renegade'

Paramore have announced that they will be releasing three new singles over the next three months.

The band, who have just finished a summer tour, have set up ‘Singles Club’, which offers fans the chance to buy one new track per month for the next three months.

It begins with new single ‘Renegade’, which is available now and can be listened to by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking. It will be followed by new track ‘Hello Cold World’, which will come out on November 7 and finally ‘In The Mourning’, which will come out on December 5.

The tracks will only be available for purchase from the band’s official website and will not be sold via iTunes or in stores.

The band have posted an update on their official website about their release plans, which reads as follows: “For months now, we’ve promised that we’d be releasing some new songs before the end of the year. Well, here is where we finally make good on all of that. We are very happy to announce the Paramore Singles Club that will be happening throughout the rest of the year. This club is our way of getting these songs directly to the Paramore family.”

The band also spoke about their reasons for the new releases and their plans for 2012, writing: “We really wanted to do something special for all of you around the holidays to thank you for making 2011 so amazing and sticking with us as we go into 2012 and start working on the new album.”