Paramore’s Hayley Williams says she’s releasing solo material in 2020

"I made something I'm going to call my own"

Paramore‘s Hayley Williams has revealed that she will be releasing some solo material in the new year.

The frontwoman celebrated her 31st birthday yesterday (December 27) and after being inundated with birthday wishes she took to Twitter to thank fans.

“Thanks so much for all the birthday wishes,” she said. “30 was a very important year. 31 will be too.”


Sharing the message via a notes app screenshot, she added that she will be releasing some solo music in the new year.

“I’m putting out some music next year,” she wrote before seemingly crossing it out. “With the help of some of my closest friends, I made something I’m going to call my own.”

Calling it “a really special project,” Williams added that fans would get the opportunity to “get a taste of it” in January.

Excited by the prospect of solo material from the Paramore frontwoman, fans responded to the news.

“IM HYPERVENTILATING,” one fan wrote. Another said: “Whatever it is, be it Paramore related or not, I am all here for it and I am ecstatic at the fact that you’re inspired to make music again. Thank you for existing.”


A third fan wrote: “The timeline going crazy because Hayley Williams is back to claim her spot in music royalty.”

Paramore’s last’s album was 2017’s ‘After Laughter’, which saw original member Zac Farro return on drums after the departure of bassist Jeremy Davis. The LP saw the trio experiment with a new musical direction, with lyrics covering topics such as social anxiety and the pressures of fitting in.

Back in March, Hayley Williams opened up about the future of the band, saying that she envisions herself being in Paramore for a long time to come.

However, in August she admitted that she “really [doesn’t] know what’s next” for the band. She also added that the group have been enjoying their downtime since announcing their hiatus in 2018.

Now with the news of Williams’ pending solo material some fans have expressed worry about the future of the band.

“i’m so broken ill never get to see paramore will I,” one fan wrote. Another said: “i’m worried paramore i de*d :(”

“excited for solo hayley but also hoping paramore is safe,” said a third fan. “can paramore come back too after this solo project im literally gonna cry,” asked another.

Last year, Hayley Williams spoke of her personal and professional struggles over the past couple of years, citing ‘music and friendships’ as her saviour.

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