Paramore share new song ‘C’est Comme Ca’ “inspired by Yard Act and Dry Cleaning”

According to Hayley Williams, the song is about "trying to get un-addicted to a survival narrative"

Paramore have shared their much-anticipated new single, ‘C’est Comme Ca’, which frontman Hayley Williams has said is “inspired by Yard Act and Dry Cleaning“.

The track sees Williams adopt a sprechgesang style of vocal for its verses that has often been utilised by both Yard Act and Dry Cleaning, as well as others in the post-punk genre. “In a single year, I’ve aged one hundred/ My social life – a chiropractic appointment/ Sit still long enough to listen to yourself/ Or maybe just long enough for you to atrophy for hell,” she-sings.

The title translates from the French expression that literally translates to “it’s like that” but is closer in meaning to the English expression “that’s just how it is”. Williams said via a press release: “I’m trying to get un-addicted to a survival narrative. The idea of imminent doom is less catastrophic to me than not knowing anything about the future or my part in it. The guys and I are all in much more stable places in our lives than ever before. And somehow that is harder for me to adjust to.”


‘C’est Comme Ca’ is the third single to be released from Paramore’s upcoming sixth album ‘This Is Why’, which will be released on February 10.

Check it out below.

Williams spoke in more detail about the track’s inspiration in an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1. “‘C’est Comme Ca’ [came], I would say, midway to the beginning half, it was definitely before we had hit a stride… it’s just this really great track and we had a really good time getting back into a little bit of dance punk vibes. I had been listening to a lot of Dry Cleaning and Yard Act and just artists that talk a lot over great, cool, music. So I guess I was just feeling poetic and feeling a bit critical of myself and fused all that stuff.

“I was really stoked to get this music because a lot of times with Paramore, unless we’re all in the room at the same time working on stuff together, I feel like a lot of what I do is top lining and I love doing that. It’s so freeing. Especially after doing the solo records where I was just always on top of every single moment.”

Williams also revealed she had been spending time with SZA, who had previously said in response to fans hoping they will collaborate that the two hang out “more than you’d think”.


“SZA and I tried to hang out multiple times while we were making this record and she was getting up in the afternoon and staying up all night making [a] record,” she said. “We’re up at 7:00, getting in the studio by 10:00, leaving by dinner. And I remember saying to her, I was like, ‘I’m so fucking old.’ And she was like, ‘No, you’re not old.’ I’m not looking for the hottest party to be seen at anymore. We certainly say no probably more than we say yes even now…I’m so addicted to the disorder of everything.”

She continued: “I’ve toured since I was 15 or 16, I’m so tired and I’m so old. And then there’s other parts that feel like a kid in a candy store that I finally have agency and bigger capacity to really be present in my life. And the way that manifests itself sometimes is just like, I’m 34 now and sometimes I just want my week to look like being in bed by 8:30 with a cup of tea and a journal. It’s so boring. No one would ever think that’s what a person in a rock band [would do], but this is me finding my peace and protecting my energy.”

Williams also recently admitted that she doesn’t “dare” play guitar on stage due to sexist comments.

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