Paris Jackson furiously denies claims she attempted suicide following ‘Leaving Neverland’ documentary

Michael Jackson’s only daughter fired back at a report she’d been hospitalised

Paris Jackson has angrily denied claims she’d been hospitalized following a suicide attempt yesterday (March 16.)

The twenty-year-old took to Twitter to call out American entertainment news site TMZ for the claims. She tweeted: “Fuck you you fucking liars.”

Jackson then posted another tweet with a row of question marks.

Her tweets come after TMZ reported the aspiring actress was “hospitalized after attempting suicide” on Saturday (March 16) with a source alleging it was because of the “fallout” following the Leaving Neverland documentary. According to Sky News, a source close to the family has denied a suicide attempt but claimed that Jackson had an incident, which required medical attention and was now resting at home.

Jackson has recently spoken out about the claims made against her father in Leaving Neverland and said it is “not her role” to defend him.

The documentary, which was released on Channel Four, details the claims of James Safechuck and Wade Robson, who allege they suffered sexual abuse at the hands of Michael Jackson as young boys.

Both men brought civil suits against Jackson’s estate following his death in 2009, but both cases were thrown out by a judge in 2017 after it was ruled that the estate could not be held liable for the singer’s behaviour.

Jackson, who died following a cardiac arrest in 2009, had denied child sexual abuse claims before his death and his family have continued to defend his legacy.

Before the documentary aired, Michael Jackson fans protested on the streets of London. Since its airing, Michael Jackson ‘innocent’ adverts have appeared on London busses, but were removed earlier this week after calls from sexual assault survivors ask that they be pulled.

Questions have been raised as to whether we should still be listening to Jackson’s music and it has been reported that his songs have been banned from radio stations around the world.

Celebrities, including Louis Theroux, have spoken out about the claims made in Leaving Neverland, with Theroux branding fans that continue to defend the singer “willfully blind”. Meanwhile, The Simpsons boss, Al Jean, has claimed he believes Jackson used the show “to groom boys”.

However, following the documentary, Jackson’s music got a chart boost.

Members of Jackson’s family – including his niece and nephew – and celebrities including Aaron Carter and Juice WRLD, have defended the singer against and denied the claims. It has also been reported that Michael Jackson fans are “suing” his accusers.