Paris Hilton falls victim to ‘guerilla artist’

Banksy defaces the socialite's debut album sleeve

Hundreds of copies of socialite Paris Hilton’s debut album have become a victim of “guerrilla artist” Banksy after he made less than flattering alterations to the star’s debut album artwork and deposited them into record shops around the UK.

Banksy, who designed the sleeve for Blur’s 2003 album ‘Think Tank’, changed the artwork by superimposing a dog’s head on top of Hilton’s topless body. He also attached a sticker on the cover, claiming the LP contained the songs ‘Why Am I Famous?’, ‘What Have I Done?’ And ‘What Am I For?’.

Banksy also replaced the CD inside with music from an artist only known as DM, and left the original barcode attached so people could buy the CD without realising it had been interfered with.

The 500 albums where taken to 48 record stores around the country.

A spokeswoman for Banksy told The Independent: “They’re very subtly done and do look like the original albums. You have to look quite carefully to see what he’s done.

“I don’t like to speak on his behalf but I think he’s saying you can be a celebrity but you don’t have to do music. I don’t know what the reaction will be in America or whether she would even get it.”

Banksy is notorious for his subversive paintings – most recently stencilled an image of a naked man hanging out of a bedroom window on a wall in Bristol. The image sparked controversy, with the locla council leaving it up to the public to decide whether it should stay or go. After an internet discussion in which 97% supported the stencil, the city council decided it would be left on the building.

The artists also designed two of Green Day drummer Tre Cool’s tattoos.