Parody Facebook group spreads photo that claims DJ Khaled is the leader of ISIS

The parody group 'Christians for Michele Bachmann' are behind the image, which shows the DJ meeting President Obama

A meme created by a parody Facebook group that claims DJ Khaled is “the leader of ISIS” has been shared nearly 42,000 times on social media.

The group, ‘Christians for Michele Bachmann’ (who unsuccessfully campaigned for the Republican nomination in the 2012 US Presidential Election), claims it is run by the organisation ‘TruChristians™’ and was set up to support Bachmann for this year’s election – “just as God has instructed.”

As Consequence of Sound reports, an image of Khaled meeting President Barack Obama has been posted on the Facebook group with the words “Here is a picture of Obama and the leader of ISIS. They are plotting to steal a third term, and implement Shakira [sic] law in America.” The caption of the post reads: “THE THREAT IS NOT OVER!!! HE HAS 2 MOAR MONTHS TO SPREAD HIS TERRORS.”


See the post below.

The post has been shared nearly 42,000 times, and although the majority of people who have interacted with the post appear to be in on the joke, Consequence of Sound reports that some commenters believe that the claims made by the meme are in fact true.

Facebook has faced criticism, particularly in the wake of the recent US election, about the amount of fake news stories that are being both posted and shared by people. According to the BBC, over 40% of Americans say that they get their news from Facebook. Founder Mark Zuckerburg has said that the company are taking the problem “seriously”, but distanced himself from claims that fake Facebook news had a big impact on the outcome of the election.

Last month, DJ Khaled celebrated the birth of his son by Snapchatting his fiancé giving birth.