Parquet Courts announce new record ‘Content Nausea’ as Parkay Quarts

The record has been described as "not an LP" and "not an EP"

Parquet Courts have confirmed a new release to be issued under the name Parkay Quarts.

The band are labelling ‘Content Nausea’ “not an LP” and “not an EP”, but somewhere in the middle of the two formats. The record is 12 tracks in length and will be released via Rough Trade on November 10 (digital) and December 8 (physical).

The ‘Parkay Quarts’ moniker was previously used for last years’ ‘Tally All the Things That You Broke’ EP, while Parquet Courts’ last release was ‘Sunbathing Animal’, released in June.


You can listen to new track ‘Uncast Shadow Of A Southern Myth’ below.

The ‘Constant Nausea’ tracklist.

‘Everyday It Starts’
‘Content Nausea’
‘Urban Ease’
‘Slide Machine’
‘Kevlar Walls’
‘Pretty Machines’
‘Psycho Structures’
‘The Map’
‘These Boots’
‘No Concept’
‘Uncast Shadow of a Southern Myth’