Watch Passenger sing his new song about battling Bruce Springsteen for Number One

The two artists are "head to head" in a chart battle that culminates on Friday (September 30)

Passenger has written a new song about battling Bruce Springsteen for this week’s albums Number One spot.

The midweek sales update revealed on Monday (September 26) that the artist also known as Mike Rosenberg is on course to score his first chart-topper with fourth album ‘Young As The Morning Old As The Sea’ on Friday (September 30).

However, Springsteen is close behind with his new compilation album ‘Chapter And Verse’, which coincides with his new autobiography of the same name.

In a video shared on Facebook this evening, Rosenberg explains that he is currently “head to head” in a chart battle with Springsteen in the UK and several other countries. “Springsteen is one of my all-time heroes. He’s such an amazing artist, and just to be battling with him is such a funny situation, so I kind of thought I’d write a song about it,” he tells fans.

“I feel I’m dancing with the dark / Bruce is on fire,” he sings during the song’s opening verse. “And if there’s one thing that I’ve learned / There’s a line you cannot cross / You can’t release your album / On the same week as The Boss.”

Watch below – the song is aptly titled ‘Fighting For Number One With Bruce Springsteen’.