‘Bronchitis/pneumonia’ forces Passion Pit to miss two festival appearances

Frontman Michael Angelakos says he "must rest"

Passion Pit have cancelled two festival appearances in North America this weekend due to illness.

A statement on their Facebook page revealed that frontman Michael Angelakos “must rest” due to his “bronchitis/pneumonia.” For this reason they did not appear for their slot yesterday at WayHome Festival in Canada. Nor will they play Detroit’s Mo Pop Festival today (July 26).

Angelakos wrote, “I am so sorry to let you know that I will not be able to perform this weekend. Due to my lingering issues with bronchitis/pneumonia, I’ve been forced to cancel performances at the Way Home and Mo Pop festivals.”

NMEJenn Five/NME


He continued, “This is crushing and breaks my heart. I’m so sorry to have had to cancel all of these shows. As instructed, I have been in bed this entire time trying to get better. However, I’ve not gotten just well enough to perform. I must rest. If I could be out there, I would.”

Passion Pit’s third LP ‘Kindred’ was released earlier this year. The band are set to continue to tour the album in Japan and Australia in August.