Passion Pit: ‘English crowds are too cool’

Electropoppers say they're intimidated by UK audiences as they gear up for Reading and Leeds this weekend

Passion Pit‘s Michael Angelakos has said he finds English audiences intimidating because they’re too “cool”, as his band gears up for their set at Reading and Leeds festivals this weekend.

“I really love that festival, and from a historical viewpoint it’s an honour to play there,” the frontman said. “There’s just something really magical about it. It’s just the myths and the legends associated with it. It’s like Glastonbury, you go into it and it’s instantly historical for you as an artist; it’s like, ‘Holy shit, I’m playing Glastonbury. Holy shit, I’m playing Reading and Leeds.’ You know?”

However, he says he finds UK audiences a little intimidating: “I think English crowds are a little more… they kind of terrify me a little bit. They’re the cool kids, you know? I don’t consider myself very cool.”

Passion Pit are set to tour the UK in November, after cancelling a number of US shows this month after Angelakos said he needed to take some time out in order to improve his “mental health”.

“By the time we come over to the UK we’ll have our full production,” he says. “We’re really excited to bring it over. Because of the cancellations we’ve had to scale back a little bit, because to bring that production’s expensive, but by the time we come back to the UK in November we’ll have it.”

Passion Pit’s second album ‘Gossamer’ was released earlier this year. Recorded in 2011 in Los Angeles and New York City, and again finds Angelakos working producer Chris Zane, who worked on the band’s 2009 debut, ‘Manners’.

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