Passion Pit’s Michael Angelakos shares Christmas “video album”

'Merry Christmas, Mr. Fields' is a festive audio/visual project

Passion Pit‘s Michael Angelakos has shared a new audio/visual Christmas project titled ‘Merry Christmas, Mr. Fields’.

Working with former Harlem Shakes member Brent Katz, and director Hana Haley, the project was originally the brainchild of Katz and Haley. According to a press release, the pair sought to explore “an inspiring response to terrorism that seeks sanity and unity, not panic and division.”

The video element, directed by Haley, was filmed in just four days at Angelakos’ alma mater, the Nichols School in Buffalo, New York. You can stream the audio and watch the three accompanying videos below.


The album is said to include elements of “the classicist’s take on orchestral musical theatre” and a “post-Beatles John Lennon and gooey Beach Boys sort of earnestness.”

According to the press release, the intention os the three artists was to create a piece with both “the most concentrated dosage of Christmas feeling, dreamy, full of wonder” and a nostalgic sense of sadness.


Proceeds from the album will go to charity and to the Nichols School Arts Department.


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