Patrick Watson says ‘Twilight Zone’ inspired latest album

Canadian speaks ahead of hitting London on Monday (Jul 5) for final leg of tour

Patrick Watson has said science fiction show The Twilight Zone inspired his new album ‘Wooden Arms’.

The Canadian told NME he always creates certain rules his songs must follow when writing for a new album.

“The rule for this record was I wanted something that was folk-sounding and grounded, but always with a twist,” he said. “I use the analogy of the old Twilight Zone because they would use straight characters and almost a straight story, but there’d always be this little bend that made it really unusual.”

Watson and his band will showcase some of the album’s songs at London‘s Tabernacle on July 5 on the final leg of their tour – the group are also bringing some of their infamous and unusual recording tactics on the road with them.

The recording of ‘Wooden Arms’ saw a plethora of unusual instruments make their way onto tracks, including kitchen tools, shaken tree branches, and screeching bicycle tires – some of which might make an appearance at his gig on Monday.

“Sometimes we bring the bicycle on tour,” laughed Watson. “Our drummer always has a pretty elaborate perch set up – marimbas, pots and pans. Our guitar player has loads of stuff he puts on his guitar, like balloons, kitchen stuff, steel wool – it sounds ridiculous when I tell you this. Instead of making a synth sound we leave it to them to really make unique textures… I just think it’s a pretty crazy show.”

According to Watson, after finishing the tour he and his band will return to Canada to work on their third album – the rules for which have already been decided.

‘Wooden Arms’ is elaborate with amazing colours and interesting arrangements, but for the next album I want something visceral. Something from the gut that gives you goosebumps,” he explained. “That’s the rule for the next record.”

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