Patrick Watson previews new material at rare lunchtime gig

Tom Morello checks out Canadian crooner in LA

Patrick Watson performed a rare lunchtime gig at the intimate Hotel CafĂ© in Los Angeles today (June 19) for a star-studded audience that included Rage Against The Machine‘s Tom Morello.

The Montreal-based singer and his three-piece backing band pulled out all the stops, using noisemakers, feedback and even a red balloon to create atmospheric soundscapes on their lush songs.

At times Watson appeared to be in a trance, shaking his head with his eyes closed while hunched over the piano, but the next minute he was cracking jokes with the audience.

“Top of the morning to ya,” he quipped after his first song. “I don’t think we’ve ever done a lunchtime gig before so this is exciting.”

Watson explained that although he’s based in Montreal, he was born in California. “I was actually born here but I only lived here for a year so I don’t remember it but it sure is a beautiful space,” he said before launching into ‘Way Of The World’.

The band also debuted a new track called ‘Tracy’s Water’, which they plan to include on their next album.

The largely industry crowd seemed transfixed by the 40-minute set, which concluded with Watson and his band playing their instruments acoustically in the audience.

Patrick Watson played:


‘Tracy’s Water’

‘Weight Of The World’

‘Great Escape’

‘Mr. Tom’

‘Luscious Life’

‘Man Under The Sea’

–By our Los Angeles staff.

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