Patrick Wolf speaks out against deportation of gay rights activist

Wolf tweets in support of asylum seeker Edson 'Eddy' Cosmas

Patrick Wolf has spoken out against the deportation of gay rights activist Edson ‘Eddy’ Cosmas.

The ‘Lupercalia’ singer took to last night (June 16) to speak out for the asylum seeker.

As well as linking to yesterday’s story on NME.COM about Tyler, The Creator‘s homophobia row, Wolf also highlighted the plight of Cosmas. He wrote: “The internet has the power to promote positive messages of change.”


The tweet, however, has since been deleted.

Cosmas is facing imminent deportation from the UK to his native Tanzania, where homosexuality is punishable by life imprisonment. Gay and lesbian activists have been arrested and detained as part of a recent crackdown.

The petition, which you can sign here via urges Home Secretary Theresa May to halt Cosmas‘ deportation, and promise to reform the ‘fast track’ policy that it is claimed unfairly targets LGBT asylum seekers.

The open letter to May reads: “Despite a recent Supreme Court ruling in the UK obliging the government to take special consideration with LGBT asylum seekers, LGBT people like Eddy are still being ‘fast-tracked’ through the system, and sent back to countries where they face violence, imprisonment, and even death.”

“Please use all of the powers at your disposal to stop deportation proceedings against Edson Cosmas, and to stop rushing LGBT people like Eddy through the asylum system.”