Patrick Wolf wants to work with The Cheeky Girls

Singer is after unlikely collaborators

Patrick Wolf has revealed he’s keen to find The Cheeky Girls – as he wants to work on a track with them.

The singer said he had wanted the duo to speak Transylvanian on his forthcoming album ‘Bachelor’, out June 1, but couldn’t get them in time.

Speaking to Wolf said: “A friend of mine was a PA for Mama Cheeky once, so I think there’s connections there. I’m on the hunt for the The Cheeky Girls.”

Wolf added he had been looking into a lot of Dracula mythology, and had even been thinking about doing a Transylvanian-themed section on the new record.

He said: “Dracula and vampires were great to illustrate the idea of addiction, the idea that when you’re bitten by this thing you’re addicted to blood. I thought it was a metaphor for a great many things. So I was thinking of getting The Cheeky Girls in to do some spoken-word Transylvanian on it.”