Patrick Wolf: ‘I heard Margaret Thatcher through my drainpipe’

Singer reveals he had noise trouble with his famous neighbours

Patrick Wolf claimed he could hear former prime minister Margaret Thatcher “through his drainpipe”, when he lived in a posh London flat.

The singer was speaking on NME Radio when he revealed he once lived upstairs from the former Conservative leader and her daughter Carol.

“The night I moved in and I had a shower I started hearing this noise,” the singer told DJ Iain Baker. “At first I thought I was on drugs, but then I realised I wasn’t on drugs, it was Margaret Thatcher! I could hear her through my drainpipe!”


The singer added that while he lived in the upscale flats on the city’s South Bank he also had Paul McCartney‘s ex-wife Heather Mills McCartney as a neighbour.

“I lived like a rock star and blew all my money in a year,” declared Wolf, who said he now lives in a less star-studded block in the same area.

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