Patrick Wolf blasts ‘cock’ hecklers

Singer angry at people demanding to see his privates

Patrick Wolf has blasted “neanderthal” hecklers at gigs, including some who recently demanded that he “get his cock out” at one of his live shows.

The singer used his MySpace blog at to hit out at gig-goers who heckled him in response to his flamboyant dress sense.

Wolf did not explain at which gig the heckle took place, but strongly voiced his disgust.

He wrote: “Had one off-show but mainly due to random Neanderthals at the back of the gig shouting super-intelligent things like ‘get your cock out’ etc.”

He added: “My good lord, I am not the Jonas Brothers. If you want that kind of ‘rapport’ from a musician then do leave me and by band in peace to get on with singing, performing and making music while onstage… or come and ask me such questions face to face and you’ll receive an honest personal response that will probably see you checking into hospital for a couple of days.”

He went on to brand the comments sexist and hypocritical. “If I was a woman, would it be respectable for you to ask me to show you my tits?” he wrote. “I am in no way conservative but there is a time and a place for vulgarity.

“Respect that me and my band work our fucking asses off to get on that stage, to be ourselves, to play from the bottom of our hearts.”

Wolf, who releases new album ‘The Bachelor’ on Monday (June 1), also revealed that he has recently set up a Twitter account at