Patrick Wolf changes name of forthcoming album

Singer to split double disc release into two

Patrick Wolf has changed the name of his forthcoming album.

The record was due to be titled ‘Battle’, but will now be released as ‘The Bachelor’ on June 1.

Originally Wolf had intended to release the album as a double, split into two parts called ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘The Conqueror’, and naming the record after the Sussex town where he recorded the music.

The singer has now decided to release both parts seperately, “so as not to overload people with two much information at one time”.

‘The Conqueror’ has yet to get a release date, but a combined edition of both albums is now penciled in for 2010.

The tracklist for ‘The Bachelor’ is:

”Kriegsspiel (Wargames)’

‘Hard Times’


‘The Bachelor’



‘Count Of Casualty’

‘Who Will?’



‘The Sun Is Often Out’



‘The Messenger’