Patrick Wolf backs Lily Allen over illegal music download stance

Allen had blasted Radiohead's Ed O'Brien for downloading comments

Patrick Wolf has backed Lily Allen over her slamming of Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien and the Featured Artists Coalition’s attitude to illegal downloading.

Allen recently wrote a blog criticising O’Brien and the Coalition for what she saw as sending the message that illegal file-sharing was acceptable, urging her fellow musicians to take a stand against it to help new acts.

Now Wolf, writing on his MySpace blog at, has publicly given his support to the singer. He urged fans to buy music legitimately and pointed out the financial constraints on many current musicians.


“I have been really inspired by Lily writing… on her blog,” he explained. “I can only do my best in saying I am on the same ship as you all and the ship is sinking. But what is life without hope! Let’s start a new future… think about where all the lovely music comes from.

“Do what you can to protect the music you love, invest in physical purchases, think about the machinery that goes on behind making your favourite band so fabulous and inspiring… and how they should be able to make a living as well as you too.”

The flamboyant multi-instrumentalist also wrote that he didn’t think that free music streaming sites such as Spotify, which generate income through advertising and subscriptions, were the answer to tackling illegal file-sharing.

“I still don’t understand how Spotify is meant to make up for this [the downfall in income in the music industry],” he wrote. “I don’t know anyone who has actually bought an account. When there’s no money coming in then nobody gets paid, then no-one can pay their bills and then you are homeless.”


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