Patrick Wolf ‘to leave the circus behind’

Singer-songwriter sheds light on his new direction

Patrick Wolf has posted cryptic news about his new direction and new songs.

The singer-songwriter claims he is returning to his roots and leaving ‘the circus behind’ on his follow-up to 2007’s ‘The Magic Position’.

Posting a MySpace bulletin, Wolf said: “I always feel at the beginning stages of making my albums that I have to almost select the 12 strongest stories and connect them via bloodtype, make a family out of them, make a home for them, connect the dots to create a whole, a possession for you to own.

“It’s a tricky process. The writing of the songs is easy, the putting together is the puzzle game.”

Wolf also claimed that he is reconnecting with his roots, saying: “I guess I am suggesting I am reconnecting to my roots, when you find your roots, you become stronger and can grow into new dimensions and I am finding mine again.

“I’m researching Gaelic folk songs, all kinds of Gaelic, back to my West Cork Irish roots, the migrations of my ancestors.”