Patrick Wolf denies he is qutting music

Singer retracts messageboard posting

Patrick Wolf has denied that he is quitting music, despite a posting that he would on his messageboard.

As previously reported Wolf posted on that he was to play his final gig in November and then quit the music industry for good.

He posted: “My final concert will be this November. I am not sure whether there will be anymore public communications after that. In fact, I am pretty sure there will be none.”

However, Wolf has now told Pitchfork that the message was just meant for his online community and surprised when it reached a wider audience.

“I never said I was quitting music, and second of all, I never did it in a public way… For me to say I was going to quit music is like saying I’m going to commit suicide,” he said. “It’s the most extreme thing that could happen in my life. That would make me miserable, so I would never say I was quitting music, because I would never know where to start.”

He said the message he was intending to get across that he was not going to tour as much or do as many interviews in future.

He added he is currently working on new music: “I’ve got so many projects… I’ve got this double record…It might be called ’Hard Times’ and I might be working with Alec Empire and Atari Teenage Riot.”

Wolf is to release ’The Magic Position’ in the US on May 1.