Patrick Wolf begins work on new album

He says new material is 'quite political'

Patrick Wolf is writing material for the follow-up to ‘The Magic Position’, which he plans to record this winter and release next spring.

Wolf told NME.COM that the new material is much more political than anything he’s written before.

“I’m writing my fourth record right now and I just finished all the demos…it’s quite a political record and a lot to do with my reaction to America during my recent tour,” he said.

“It’s also about my general disappointment in the apathy of the people in the world. So I want to get it out as soon as possible to sort of help things a little bit.”

Wolf admitted that writing political songs came as a surprise. “I never thought I would write politically,” he said. “I really would say I don’t know that much about politics. I’d always rather focus on things that made me very happy and inspired.

“But I’m starting to feel like there are no Joni Mitchells in our generation. There are no Bob Dylans. There’s no one speaking about things in an articulate, artistic human way. I kind of feel it’s my duty.

“I’m not gonna start being a politician because I don’t know much about politics,” he admitted. “But I know how it feels to be living as a human being with all our governments fighting each other and killing people. This album will be communicating that through music and words.”

Wolf recently wrapped up an extensive tour of North America, playing several dates in support of Amy Winehouse.

He is set to play several UK and European festivals this summer, including the Glastonbury Festival on June 23.

–By our Los Angeles staff.

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