Patrick Wolf announces record deal

The singer signs to Loog

Patrick Wolf has announced details of a new record deal.

The 22-year-old multi-instrumentalist has signed to Loog, following the release of his previous two albums – 2003’s ‘Lycanthropy’ and 2005’s ‘Wind In The Wires’ – through German-based label Tomlab.

“After much label fever at the end of my tour this year, I found myself very much safe and at home with Loog/Polydor records,” Wolf said. “It is really exciting to now have the structures in place so that I can create all the work I want to create, that it will be heard and promoted the right way, and perhaps my days of living like a tramp are over. Perhaps.”

He added: “Now, all is looking good, I have a lot of music to make, keys to hit, strings to break and now am recording my third work. Extreme thank you’s to all that have stood by me on the long and winding dirt track to now. You’re all still with us – magic is alive.”

Wolf has started work on his third LP ‘The Magic Position’ in Vienna with engineer Patrick Pulsinger, and will soon head to New York to continue recording.

Loog head James Oldham said: “We’re delighted to sign an artist as unique and driven as Patrick. We’ve been a fan of his for a long time, so it’s fantastic that we’re finally going to get to work with him. He’s someone who’s going to have a long and extraordinary career in music.”

Debuting tracks from his new album, Wolf is set to play a soon-to-be-announced London show in March.