Patrick Wolf brands Mika a ‘twat’

The Myspace blog is hastily removed

Patrick Wolf branded Mika a “twat” last Wednesday (July 18) on his Myspace blog before taking down the posting.

Writing on [] the singer hurled a barrage of insults at Mika.

He wrote: “Mika is a twat. And what I mean was please lets put an end to over-marketed, expensive heartless tacky rubbish, autotune, airbrush.

“Should I market myself to look OUTRAGEOUS and kooky or would it be easier if I sold records by playing safe and serene And for the family.

“To save more record sales. Cliff Richard. Enrique Iglesias. Mutton dressed as lamb.”

The attack comes despite the fact that Wolf remixed Mika’s single ‘Love Today’.