Boston to celebrate Patti Smith Day tomorrow

April the 9th is Riot Grrrl Day, and October the 10th Patti Smith Day in Beantown

Having previously named April 9th ‘Riot Grrrl Day‘ in honour of Bikini Kill’s Kathleen Hanna, Boston mayor Marty Walsh has added ‘Patti Smith Day’, which will be celebrated tomorrow (October 10) in the city.

Smith will sign copies of her book ‘M Train’ in Boston tomorrow, and so will be in the city to celebrate.

In his proclamation, mayor Walsh said:

“When Patti Smith emerged on the American art scene in the mid-1970s, she defined a new breed of artist through her mystical poems and urgent rock and roll. Ms. Smith captivated audiences yearning for intellectual and emotional challenges in popular art, choosing ambiguity and raw emotion over the traditional stereotypes of women in rock music.”

The document goes on to say, “Ms. Smith has channeled her life experiences into music, books, photography, paintings, and two beautiful memoirs, proving that her artistic reach heeds no boundary.”


Smith was born in Chicago and has spent much of her life in New York, but Walsh describes her influence on Boston specifically, adding “Ms. Smith has earned the love of Bostonians beginning with her earliest Boston shows in The Jazz Workshop/ Paul’s Mall in 1976 to her most recent headlining of the City of Boston’s New Year’s Eve First Night Celebrations.”

Here is the proclamation in full:

Smith’s most recent album ‘Banga’ came out in 2012. She remains most lauded for ‘Horses’, her debut, which she has recently been touring in full. ‘Horses’ is widely considered one of the most influential albums of the 70s.

M Train is out now.