Paul Banks of Interpol’s new supergroup Muzz share ‘Bad Feeling’, their first ever live performance

The new offering was recorded in lockdown...

Muzz, the new supergroup formed of Interpol‘s Paul Banks, The Walkmen drummer Matt Barrick and multi-instrumentalist Josh Kaufman have shared the first ever live recording of  their track ‘Bad Feeling’.

For the new video, the trio are seen playing from the cities where they’re currently in lockdown – Banks in Edinburgh, Kaufman in Brooklyn, and Barrick in Philadelphia.

Kaufman said of the performance: “Finding a place where we met aesthetically was really cool, especially at this point in our lives.


“I’m not surprised that Paul and I are in a band together after all these years; what I am surprised by is that my favorite drummer is the guy who brought us back together to make music. He’s this rare rock drummer who came out of the D.C. hardcore/ska scene and swings like a jazz drummer. Matt was the magnet.”

It comes after Bad Feeling became the first track to be released by the trio back in March. It was followed by their first single ‘Broken Tambourine’, and the cinematic effort ‘Red Western Sky’.

The trio also plan to release their self-titled debut album via Matador. They started work on the record back in 2015, but the origins of the band date back even further – with Banks and Kaufman’s friendship dating back to childhood and going through high school together.

Of the themes of the record, Banks said that the lyrics of the make up “more a compilation of vignettes than a cohesive whole”, but seem to deal with “musings on mental health in general”


“There’s a lot on there about depression, coming through depression, and the impact of problems of mental health on a life,” Banks told NME. “That can manifest itself in different ways and to different degrees, and I guess the record touches on the thread of self analysis.”

Their debut album arrives on June 5.