Sex Pistols drummer Paul Cook discusses the possibility of a live reunion

"There will always be a crowd for it."

Sex Pistols drummer Paul Cook has ruled out any future reunion for the band.

The iconic punk outfit originally split in 1978 following the departure of frontman Johnny Rotten. Bassist Sid Vicious died the year after, but the Sex Pistols have since reformed on three separate occasions: 1996-2001, 2002-2003 and most recently from 2007-8.

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Now, the group’s former sticksman has offered an explanation as to why a live comeback for the Pistols isn’t on his agenda.

“I’ve hung up my go-between hat. I don’t get involved much any more,” Cook told the Daily Record. “I’m still close to Steve [Jones, guitarist] but that’s as far as it goes.

“I can’t see it happening again for the Pistols and I don’t think anyone wants it to.”

The musician went on to cite rifts between the former bandmates as the reason for a reunion not taking place. Explaining that although he’s attempted to prompt a reconciliation in the past, he said it’s now not “worth the aggravation”.

“It’s not just Steve and Johnny. There’s so much water under the bridge and so much history, I don’t think it would work out.”


Cook added that Glen Matlock still “feels aggrieved at being kicked out”, with the musician having been fired ahead of ‘Never Mind the Bollocks…’ being recorded. Matlock is, however, credited on 10 of its tracks.

British punk rock band the Sex Pistols are seen in 1977. From left to right: Paul Cook, Sid Vicious, Johnny Rotten and Steve Jones. (AP Photo)

“You’d think people would let go of shit but they don’t,” Cook said.

“The reunion stuff was OK. There will always be a crowd for it. But I don’t think it’s going to happen again.”

Back in 2017, Steve Jones said that the likelihood of any Sex Pistols return seemed slim – especially as he and Rotten no longer speak, despite both living in Los Angeles.

“There is no friendship,” Jones said. “I think the last time I spoke to him was 2008 when we did a tour of Europe. I have no desire to speak to him and he has no desire to speak to me.”

Back in November, a rare vinyl copy of the Sex Pistols‘ hit single ‘God Save the Queen’ fetched £13K at auction.

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