Ex-Beautiful South singer Paul Heaton becomes a pub landlord

Former Housemartins man takes over the lease at Salford boozer

Paul Heaton has moved into the licensing trade after buying a pub in Salford.

The former Beautiful South singer explained he decided to snap up the Kings’ Arms boozer in the north-west city after growing concerned about the “fractured” local community.

Heaton told Manchesterconfidential.co.uk that convenience was also a factor in his business decision, as he already uses the upstairs room in the pub to rehearse.


He said:

It’s a bit of a fractured community around the pub, with city centre flats on one side and Salford houses on the other, so we want to try and bring those people together a bit more.

Heaton has had to sit an exam on the licensing trade as part of the move – and isn’t sure if he’s passed it yet.

He added that he hasn’t “come into it with a business plan”, but already has designs on the types of crisps he wants to sell behind the bar and the tunes that’ll be played on the jukebox.

Heaton is also set to kick off his second UK tour of pubs at the venue next year.