Watch as Paul McCartney recalls ‘finding the meaning of life’ with Bob Dylan

McCartney figured out key to existence in Dylan’s hotel room.

Paul McCartney has recalled how he was convinced he worked out the meaning of life while talking to Bob Dylan.

In a new video interview to promote his forthcoming compilation ‘Pure McCartney’, the singer discussed how he was in Dylan’s hotel room when he began having “a mystical experience”.

McCartney said: “I could feel myself climbing a spiral walkway as I was talking to Dylan. I felt like I was figuring it all out, the meaning of life.” He explained how he ordered Beatles roadie Mal Evans, who was also in the room to find a piece of paper.

McCartney continued: “I was going ‘I’ve got it!’ and wrote down the key to it all on this piece of paper. I told Mal ‘You keep this piece of paper, make sure you don’t lose it, because the meaning of life is on there. Mal gave me the piece of paper the next day, and on it was written ‘There are seven levels.’ Well, there you go, the meaning of life…”

The video is the third instalment of McCartney’s six-part documentary for ‘Pure McCartney’, which is released on Friday (June 10). The videos, which have also seen McCartney discuss his songs ‘Coming Up’ and ‘Dance Tonight’ are filmed in virtual reality.

The latest ‘Early Days’ instalment also sees McCartney admit that he and John Lennon didn’t think The Beatles would ever make a living from music. He said: “We were writing songs, thinking that one day we could maybe make a living from it. We didn’t think that would actually come about but, you know what, it did.”