Paul McCartney claims he invented the selfie and photobomb

Beatles icon claims credit for inventing picture trend during appearance on US TV

Paul McCartney has claimed that he invented the selfie during an interview on US TV last night (October 7).

McCartney appeared as a guest on Jimmy Fallon’s late night chat show, speaking to the host and performing live. Prior to playing ‘New’ and ‘Save Us’ from his upcoming album ‘New’, McCartney claimed he was the first person to take a ‘selfie’. He also took credit for the photobomb, appearing in the back of a picture unbeknownst to those in the front of the shot.

Speaking to Fallon, McCartney said: “Most people don’t know that I invented the selfie,” to which Fallon replied: “It’s really taken off.” Meanwhile, on the subject of photobombing, McCartney points to a picture of himself appearing behind an old black and white shot of George Harrison and two fans of The Beatles as proof of his pioneering ways. McCartney also performed ‘Lady Madonna’ during his appearance on the NBC show.

Paul McCartney releases ‘New’ on October 14. The solo album features production from Mark Ronson and Paul Epworth as well as Ethan Johns, who has previously worked with Kings Of Leon and Laura Marling. Long-term McCartney collaborator Giles Martin also features on the album’s production credits. McCartney released his last studio album, ‘Kisses On The Bottom’, in February 2012.