Paul McCartney discusses ‘Ocean’s Kingdom’ ballet project – video

'I had no idea what the rules were, or if there were any' says former Beatle

Paul McCartney has spoken about his work on Ocean’s Kingdom, a new ballet which premieres in New York tonight (September 22).

Sat alongside the New York City Ballet’s master in chief, Peter Martins, the former Beatle spoke of the origins of the project, stating:

I’d started a piece of music on another project that didn’t work out. When Peter [Martins] asked me if I’d consider [the ballet] I immediately thought of that. So I had tailored it to what I thought would make a good ballet.

You can watch the full interview in the video above.

In the video Peter and Paul discuss the varying roles McCartney helped with, including the costumes for Ocean’s Kingdom which came courtesy of his designer daughter, Stella.

Paul McCartney also explains how he suggested various moves for the dancers.

The ballet tells the tale of two lovers in an enchanted sea. If successful, it is believed the production will head to London next year.