Andrew Lloyd Webber declares interest in buying Abbey Road studios

Composer throws his weight behind campaign to save legendary venue

Andrew Lloyd Webber has said that he is interested in buying Abbey Road studios in London – after record company EMI announced plans to sell it.

The iconic studios, where The Beatles recorded much of their output (immortalising it on their 1969 album ‘Abbey Road’), looks set to be sold to raise money for EMI in a bid to help clear the company’s debts.

Paul McCartney recently spoke about trying to save the north London complex.

Now Lloyd-Webber‘s spokesman said the musical composer is keen to save the studios which previously housed recording sessions for soundtracks of his musicals ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ and ‘Love Never Dies’, reports BBC News.

“He thinks it is vital that the studios are saved for the future of the music industry in the UK,” the spokesperson said. “Abbey Road has such great facilities, with three major recording studios.”

The National Trust has also recently said it may launch a campaign to save the studios and around 8,000 people have joined a Facebook campaign and online petition urging Abbey Road to be maintained as a working studio.

Lloyd-Webber‘s spokesman added, “Andrew has probably brought more musicians to record there than anyone else, because it has the capacity to record large orchestral productions.”