Tyga explains why he didn’t let Paul McCartney into his Grammys after-party

Tyga explains all on the Jimmy Kimmel show

Rapper Tyga has told Jimmy Kimmel why Paul McCartney couldn’t get into his Grammys after-party. McCartney was caught on camera alongside Beck and Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins on Monday night as they attempted to get into the party. The TMZ footage was filmed outside Argyle in Hollywood and shows McCartney being told they were not allowed inside on two occasions.

Speaking on the Jimmy Kimmel show, Tyga explained that it wasn’t his party, stating that he was simply paid to perform there. He also said that if he’d known that McCartney was out there, he would’ve gone outside with the microphone and brought McCartney up to perform with him.

Watch his statement below:

Tyga also took to Twitter yesterday to voice his side of the story, writing alongside the praying hands emoji: “Why would I deny @PaulMcCartney stop it. He’s a legend. I don’t control the door. I had no knowledge SIR PAUL was there. I just performed and left.”

McCartney is yet to respond to Tyga on Twitter, with TMZ adding that despite not getting in to the rapper’s celebrations, the group headed to a Republic Records party at another venue instead.