Paul McCartney accused of ‘propagandising’ by UKIP over ‘farting cows’

Liverpudlian MEP attacks former Beatle over his views on vegetarianism

Paul McCartney has been accused by a UK Independence Party (UKIP) MEP of using propaganda techniques to encourage more people to go vegetarian in order to help the environment.

Liverpudlian UKIP MEP Paul Nuttall laid into McCartney‘s views on the subject, which include proposals to try and get meat eaters to give up eating flesh for one day a week to cut greenhouse gasses emitted by cattle.

“He is just propagandising,” Nuttall stated. “Maybe it is healthier but that should be their choice and not because a pop star thinks farting cows and pigs herald the end of mankind.”

Although McCartney‘s office declined to issue a response to the attack, a spokesperson for UKIP admitted that lambasting such a prominent public figure could have an adverse effect on Nuttall‘s popularity among voters, reports the Independent.

“Well, they’re both from Liverpool so perhaps he [Nuttall] will lose one or two supporters over this,” the spokesperson said. “But if you think something’s wrong you have to say.

“At the end of the day McCartney‘s just trying to hitch his vegetarianism to the green bandwagon.”

McCartney has long been an advocate for vegetarianism and animal rights.

UKIP have been heavily-criticised for their far-right political leanings. In 2006 Conservative party leader David Cameron branded the party members “fruit cakes” and “closet racists”.