Paul McCartney’s son to release album with Dead 60s?

Macca had previously said he was writing music with his offspring

Paul McCartney‘s son James is reportedly working on an album with members of The Dead 60s.

The Beatles legend’s son previously appeared on his father’s 1997 album ‘Flaming Pie’, but has never released a complete solo album.

An unnamed musician who has allegedly heard James McCartney‘s music said he has written around 20 songs in total for the record, reports the Telegraph.

James is a very talented singer and an exceptional guitarist,” the source said. “He is actually as good a guitarist as his father and has written some excellent tunes with very good, strong lyrics.

“Some of it is loud, in the mould of Nirvana, and at other times he is quite mellow, rather like his dad.”

In 2007 Paul McCartney told Billboard that he was working on an album with his son, saying, “I’m actually doing some recording with my son, James. We’re looking at the idea of him making an album. He’s doing it all. He’s writing it all. It’s sensational.”

The Dead 60s split up in May 2008.