Beatles’ Paul McCartney school essay on The Queen rediscovered

McCartney won a book token for his effort aged 10

An essay written by Paul McCartney about The Queen when he was just 10 has been rediscovered.

The essay, written in 1953 as McCartney attended Liverpool‘s Williams Junior School, was on the subject of the monarch’s coronation. It was discovered in library archives by Ken Roach, who is researching for a book about the singer/guitarist, reports Sky News.

In the essay McCartney wrote that “present day royalty rules with affection rather than force”. He concluded by writing, “After all this bother, many people will agree with me that it was well worth it.”

Roach said, “I’m not surprised that it was pro-royalist, bearing in mind attitudes of the time and because his father James was a royalist.”

McCartney was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1997.