Paul McCartney makes MPs expenses protest

Former Beatle refrained from voting in European Parliament elections

Paul McCartney has revealed that he refrained from voting in the recent European Parliament elections as a protest against British MPs with regard to the expenses scandal.

The former Beatle said that he was “disillusioned” with UK politics following the revelation that many abused their taxpayer-funded expenses accounts.

“I didn’t vote in the last election,” he told the Independent. “All that expenses rubbish has made me disillusioned with British politics.”

He added: “I didn’t feel comfortable using my vote to get any of them in power. All of them seem to be up for ripping off expenses and making themselves as powerful as possible and I don’t want a part of that.”

Although he said he wasn’t up for voting, Paul McCartney did say he was up for working with Brooklyn duo MGMT should they get in touch with him about collaborating.