Paul McCartney accuses Dalai Lama of ’emergency cannibalism’

Plus he tells Stephen Colbert that Ringo is his favourite Beatle

Sir Paul McCartney accused the Dalai Lama of cannibalism in a US television interview last night (January 28).

The star also said that Ringo Starr is his favourite Beatle while being interviewed by Stephen Colbert on his satirical late-night American television show, ‘The Colbert Report’.

“I have a beef to pick with you, sir, in that you don’t eat meat,” Colbert said to the famous vegetarian. “Don’t you think if the animals had the opportunity, they would eat us?”

“In an emergency, perhaps the Dalai Lama would eat me,” McCartney said.

The comedic news anchor then engaged in a duet of ‘Ebony & Ivory’ with McCartney, who was on the show to promote ‘Electric Arguments’, the new album by his group The Fireman.

–By our Los Angeles staff.

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